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Awning Automation

Awning & Blind Automation 

Contemporary Home chooses the Nice® range for awning automation, the European designed systems are renowned for there superior quality.   

Nice® tubular electric motors, remote controls and wind sensors combine design and ergonomic functionality to increase your comfort and safety. The motors fit discreetly inside the rolling axle to control your awning in a single movement. Sophisticated shock-proof materials, immaculate finish and essential wear, comfort and ease are all part of the Nice® 2 year warranty. 

Wind Sensors

Wind sensorContemporary Home also offers an optional automated wind sensor which can be included with your awning automation. The climatic sensor detects strong winds and make the awning roll up, protecting it, so that the awning structure and screen will last longer.

Also available is a combination wind and sun sensor.  The additional luminosity sensor lowers the screen to protect the terrace and the inside of your house from the sun's light and heat, as well as rolling the awning away in strong winds.

NiceWay® and Ondo® Remote Controls

NiceWay is a range of advanced transmitter modules to control awnings, Ondo is the versatile NiceWay line support; the wall support with its simple magnetic fixing system, transforms Ondo from a comfortable portable remote control to an inconspicuous wall plate. Ondo made in shiny dirt resistant plastic has a rubber lower section to improve grip.




Awning Fabric Brochure

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