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Awning Fabrics

Awning Fabrics

Acrylic Woven Canvas

Contemporary Home awnings use a 100% acrylic woven fibre canvas which is designed especially for outdoor use in New Zealand conditions   Available in a range of stylish patterns, a wide selection of colours both bold and subtle are available.   

Formulated to withstand wind, rain and pollution these awning fabrics are also colour durable, so they keep looking good for years.   These specialised fabrics are water repellent for moisture protection in light rain, whilst the translucency of fibres still allow filtered light and air through, no matter the weather.  The fabric used in Contemporary Home awnings have a sun smart protection rating of U.V. - U.P.F. 50+ / S.P.F. 100, making them the perfect choice for protection from NZ's harsh Ultraviolet rays.


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