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Frameless Glass Showers

Frameless Glass Showers

Contemporary Design

A Frameless Glass Shower from Contemporary Glass offers the ultimate in contemporary design and style, providing a modern look that maximises space and light in your bathroom.

Contemporary Glass can provide you with the most innovative Frameless Glass Shower solution specific to your bathroom.  We custom-design the size of your shower, providing optimal fit for your available floor area. 

Consider the possibilities:
Square Shower (two or three sides of glass), Corner Shower (Quadrant Shower), Inline Shower, Bath-end Shower, Shower Screen
Hinged Door (Swinging Door), Sliding door (for efficient access in a smaller space)
Impart individuality with the use of graphics, sandblasting or colour-backed glass
Clever placement of mirrors to optimise light
Glass shelves to complement your look
Variety of hardware options

** Contemporary Glass Limited is approved by Auckland Council as a registered author of Producer Statements **

Square Shower

Our Square Showers are our most popular solution and can be crafted with either two or three sides of glass.

Tip: Further optimise the light in your bathroom with clever placement of mirrors.
Frameless Glass Square Shower small
Square shower

Corner (Quadrant) Shower

Our Corner Showers are the ultimate space-saver solution, optimising space in a smaller bathroom.

Tip: Continue the clean, uncluttered lines of glass by incorporating glass shelving within your shower and in your surrounding vanity area.
Corner (Quadrant) Shower(copy)(copy)
Corner shower

Inline Shower

Our Inline Showers have side panels (one or two) affixed to and in line with the door, providing a continuous line of glass.

Tip: A sliding door entry may provide more efficienct access in a smaller bathroom than a hinged door.
Frameless Glass Inline Shower small
Inline shower

Shower Screens

Create a walk-in shower with the use of a single pane of glass.
Shower screens
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